Electronic Merchant Payment Service

No need to worry about having large sums of cash on your premises. With Republic's Merchant Service, you can accept almost any debit or credit card!

Your business needs to accept payments easily. The Republic Bank Electronic Payment Merchant Account allows you to do just that!

With this service, you can accept the following cards:

Republic OneCard 
• Local (Trinidad and Tobago) and international Visa credit cards
• Local(Trinidad and Tobago) and international MasterCard credit cards
• Cards with LINX logo
• Cards with Cirrus, Plus, Maestro or ELECTRON logos

  • Convenient, safe and saves time for you and your customers
  • No need to worry about having large sums of cash on your premises as funds are transferred electronically
  • No need to wait for cheques to be deposited and cleared
  • Access to the proceeds of your sales within 24 hours

This Point of Sale terminal uses your business’ existing telephone infrastructure to help process electronic payment transactions from any Visa, MasterCard or LINX card.

This is perfect if you need to accept electronic payments at a fixed location.

This terminal uses the latest GPRS technology to help accept and process electronic payment transactions. It combines standard security features of the stand-alone dial-up terminal with a high level of mobility.

It’s ideal for businesses that need a high level of mobility to enhance the customer experience and to deliver goods and services to their customers.

This terminal takes advantage of a dedicated internet connection, enabling a business to operate multiple terminals with a single IP connection.

It allows you to benefit from quicker transaction times as it reduces average processing time from 9 seconds to 3 seconds or less. It also saves you money as it comes with a fixed monthly cost.

It’s best suited for businesses that operate a multi-lane service and need quicker settlement.

This terminal uses best practices in data encryption security. It allows businesses operating in a single terminal environment to benefit from increased transaction speeds and reduces double charges for processing transactions and maintaining an internet connection.

It’s ideal for businesses that prefer internet-based communication and need to accept electronic payments at a fixed location quickly.

To sign up for these services, you need the following documents:

  • For the Sole Trader – copies of Certificate of Registration and any form of valid ID
  • For the Partnership – copies of Certificate and any form of valid IDs for all partners
  • For the Limited Liability company – copies of Certificate of Incorporation/Continuance, Notice of Directors, Notice of Secretary and any form of valid IDs for all directors listed and the secretary
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