Yooz Top Up/Bill Pay

What is Yooz? Yooz is a service that allows you to purchase top-ups and pay utility bills straight from your phone, for FREE! Register today!
Who can Yooz it?

All Bmobile and Digicel customers, pre-paid and post-paid, who have a Republic Bank account or a credit card from any bank.

What is needed to register for Yooz?

  • A Republic Bank account or a credit card from any bank
  • One form of valid photo ID for verification of credit card customers
  • A mobile phone number (pre-paid or post-paid)

Register at any: Republic Bank branch, all FLOW payment centres and select Digicel stores in Trinidad and Tobago.

How Secure is Yooz?
Yooz is protected by a unique 4 digit passcode which is created by the user during the registration process. Without it, no one can access your account even if your phone is lost.

  • Pay your utility bills
  • Credit your phone or a friend’s phone directly from your mobile device
  • Password protected transactions
  • Use Yooz for FREE!

Yooz facilitates the usage of secure mobile payments. Currently, you can purchase top ups for both Bmobile and Digicel networks.

You can also Yooz the Bill Pay option to pay your utility bills directly from your phone from your Republic Bank account or credit card from any bank.

Yooz Frequently Asked Questions

Yooz is the first fully secure mobile payment platform in the Caribbean. No smart phone or data plan required.

YOOZ.topup allows you to top up your mobile phones directly from your bank account.

YOOZ.billpay allows you to pay utility bills directly from your mobile phones via your bank account.

Registration is done via a banking terminal using either a Republic Bank Debit/Credit Card or VISA/MasterCard Credit Card from any bank, along with a valid phone number.

You can register at any branch of Republic Bank or Flow location.

There are NO fees. Yooz is free to register and free to use.

Once you have accepted the Terms & Conditions you can immediately top up and pay bills. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions you will not be able to access Yooz.

Minimum top up per transaction: $30
Maximum top up per transaction: $200
Maximum daily top up amount: $500

Currently, you can pay Flow, Digicel and Green Dot.

Funds are applied to your bills within one working day for the current utilities.

Yes, the current minimum and maximum payable amounts are:

  • Minimum of $25 per transaction
  • Maximum of $700 per day per Utility
  • Maximum of $1,000 per month per Utility

You will have to re-register to gain access to the Yooz service again.

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