Republic Bank Credit Cards

A Republic Bank Credit Card is a safe and convenient way to make purchases and and earn great rewards.
Republic Bank Credit Cards now feature Chip and PIN technology!

Republic Bank has the latest in credit card technology. Our Chip and PIN credit cards are the first to be introduced in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Chip and PIN technology has many benefits:

  • It reduces fraud, making credit card transactions more secure and enhances the overall customer experience.
  • The embedded microchip on the card stores data more securely, preventing it from being easily copied or altered.
  • The unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) means that only you can use your card and do so securely.
  • These cards are also globally accepted, including in Europe and in the UK.
Republic Bonus Points Programme

You can earn Bonus Points every time you make purchases with your Republic Bank Credit Card. The more you use your Republic Bank Credit Card, the more Bonus Points you accumulate and the more Bonus Points you have, the more you save!

Get the flexibility to redeem your Bonus Points for travel on any airline at any time or for rebates and discounts at over 400 merchant outlets for furniture & appliances, medical assistance & supplies, gym membership, warehouse shopping, utilities, department stores, shoe stores, jewellery, gifts, perfumeries, restaurants and much more!
Get one (1) Bonus Point for every TT$50/US$15 you spend. Plus, Republic Bank Bonus Points are valid for three (3) years!

AAdvantage® miles programme
  • Get up to 5,000 enrolment miles upon approval
  • Earn 1 AAdvantage® mile for every US$1/TT$6.50 you spend on purchases worldwide
  • No cap on the number of miles you can earn
  • AAdvantage miles do not expire provided that once every 18 months you earn or redeem miles with American Airlines or an AAdvantage participant. Using your Republic Bank/AAdvantage MasterCard Credit Card regularly is the best way to keep your AAdvantage account active
  • Get automatic enrolment in American Airlines AAdvantage® Programme
  • Enjoy exclusive lower rates when redeeming miles on car rentals and hotel stays at more than 10,000 locations in over 320 destinations worldwide
  • Earn destination miles every time you fly American Airlines/American Eagle or any of the 20 partner airlines or every time you patronise thousands of merchants across the globe including hotels, car rentals companies and restaurants
  • Combine the miles you earn from flying with American Airlines and over 20 partner airlines and from patronising participating hotels and restaurants with those you earn with your Republic Bank/AAdvantage MasterCard Credit Card and fly faster
  • Get access to exclusive discounts and promotions
American Airlines reserves the right to change the AAdvantage® programme and its terms and conditions at any time without notice and to end the AAdvantage® programme with six months’ notice. For complete AAdvantage® programme details, visit

You can receive up to 50 days interest free credit once your credit card balance is paid in full by the payment due date for two consecutive months.

Your Republic Bank Credit Card has Chip and PIN technology which allows for easier acceptance globally, especially in Europe and the UK. Your Republic Bank Credit Card can be used at thousands of merchants locally and millions of merchants internationally where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Get access to cash locally and internationally via any ABM that displays the Visa and MasterCard logo.

With a Republic Bank Credit Card:

  • You don't need to carry large sums of cash
  • You gain acceptance globally
  • You can check your balance online via RepublicOnline or on your mobile via RepublicMobile SMS
  • You can track your spending
  • You can get 50 days' interest free credit
  • You can shop online
  • You can access cash if you need it

Payments to your Republic Bank Credit Card can be made via:

BalanceCover is a group insurance plan that covers your credit card's outstanding balance and repays or reduces your credit card debt in case of death or disability.

How it works
  • No occupational limits
  • No medical exams
  • All official cardholders on the same account are covered for the cost of one

Key Benefits
  • Coverage from 18-70 years
  • Minimal premiums ($4.40 per $1,000)
  • $25,000 lump sum payment in the event of accidental death

Death benefit

Each insured cardholder shall be insured for the amount equal to the total amount outstanding on his/her credit card at the date of death.

Accidental Death benefit

In the event of accidental death, an additional amount of $25,000 will be paid to the insured cardholder's estate.

For more information on the terms and conditions and how to enrol, call 627 3348 or come into any of our branches.

*Not applicable to business cardholders

Hertz Discounts

Get up to 15% discount on Hertz Rentals* (available in the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East and Japan – the discount may vary per country. Ensure that you have the special discount code and that bookings are made through Lazzari & Sampson (627 8201/1945).

Colfire Discounts

Get 20% discount* on motor insurance when you use your Republic Bank Credit Card to pay the full cost of the premium. In order for the discount to apply, the insured name on the policy much match the cardholder's name.

*Special conditions apply

Do you know that your Republic Bank Credit Card can provide you with superior benefits and rewards? To ensure that you are not missing out on some of the wonderful benefits that your Republic Bank Credit Card has to offer, we have developed a comprehensive list of useful tips which will help you manage your credit card and maximise the great rewards!

TIP #1 Maximise your credit card rewards

Use your Republic Bank Credit Card instead of cash for your everyday purchases such as utility, mobile and grocery bill payments and earn either Republic Bank Bonus Points or AAdvantage miles. Bonus Points can be redeemed at over 400 merchants nationwide for travel on any airline at any time or at restaurants, supermarkets, fashion outlets, home improvement stores and much more! AAdvantage miles can be redeemed at hotels and car rental companies worldwide as well as for travel on American Airlines and at 20 partner airlines including British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

TIP #2 Chip and PIN technology

Only a Republic Bank Credit Card has Chip and PIN technology. When you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at all chip-enabled terminals both locally and abroad, it will ensure that your transaction is authenticated by you. Change your PIN to something that is tied to your personal information to ensure that it can be easily remembered. The PIN must always be a four (4) digit number.

TIP #3 Use RepublicOnline
  Use our free online service:
  • To transfer funds from your chequing or savings account to your credit card account and get real-time availability of funds
  • To pay your credit card and utility bills
  • To retrieve your monthly credit card statements. This will enable you to track your account activity and obtain your current and available balance

Not yet signed up for RepublicOnline? Visit to apply today!

TIP #4 Use RepublicMobile
  • To pay your credit card bill and get immediate access to funds
  • To retrieve the last 5 transactions on your credit card
  • To view your credit card balances

Not yet signed up for RepublicMobile SMS Banking? Visit to apply today!

TIP #5 Manage your payments

Remember, with your Republic Bank Credit Card you can get up to 50 days’ interest free credit! To find out more about our Automated Payment System, call our Customer Service Department at 627 3348.

TIP #6 Track your spending

Diligently monitor your credit card transactions to make sure that you are less susceptible to fraud. You can track your spending anywhere, anytime with RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile.

TIP #7 Treat your card as if it were cash

Your credit card should never be left out of your sight! Be sure to ask the waiters at your favourite restaurants if they have a wireless credit card terminal so that you can settle your bill right at the table with speed and ease, as well as eliminate possible fraudulent ‘skimming’ opportunities. If the restaurant does not have a wireless terminal, be sure to accompany the sales representative to the terminal area to complete the transaction.

TIP #8 Credit card limit increase

If you require an increase in your credit limit to cater for vacation, personal or even home expenses, simply go into any one of our 34 branches with your most recent pay slip and fill out the relevant form. Be sure to apply early to ensure that your limit increase can be processed in time for when it is needed.

TIP #9 Vacation/business travel
  • Before you travel abroad, always visit to familiarise yourself with the benefits that your Republic Bank Credit Card has to offer.
  • Be sure to use your Republic Bank Credit Card to make your travel bookings such as airfare and hotel accommodation. Pay the full cost of your ticket with your Republic Bank Credit Card and benefit from FREE Travel Accident Insurance coverage for you, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 23 years. Visit to learn more.
  • Republic Bank has a superior fraud monitoring system so that you can have peace of mind when travelling abroad. Ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted service and convenience with your Republic Bank Credit Card when you travel by advising us of your travel plans. Simply call our Customer Service Department at 627-3348 and inform us of your travel dates and the country you plan to visit (if in the USA, please advise of the state). This will allow us to monitor your transactions and avoid any unauthorised/fraudulent credit card activity.
  • Always note your credit card account number and the relevant Republic Bank MasterCard/Visa assistance numbers that are located to the reverse of your card. Store the number in a safe place, in the event that your credit card is lost or stolen you can contact the relevant assistance centres.

TIP #10 Phishing -internet scams

Be suspicious of unsolicited emails that appear to have come from us, asking you to verify personal or financial information. These emails can offer rewards, asking you to provide your credit card account information to process these prizes. We would never send you an email or SMS requesting personal information so please disregard these types of messages.

TIP #11 Take advantage of the exclusive value and added discounts that your Republic Bank Credit Card has to offer
  • Get 20% discount on motor insurance at Colfire when you use your Republic Bank Credit Card to pay for the full cost of the premium
  • Get up to 15% discount on Hertz car rentals in select countries
  • Visit to find out the exclusive discounts that are related to your credit card

TIP #12 Look out for Republic Bank promotions and exclusive offers

Republic Bank is always rewarding our customers through customised and exclusive credit card promotions or value-added discounts at merchants. This gives you the opportunity to get extra value from your credit card as well as the chance to win great prizes! Be sure to visit regularly to learn what’s new and exciting regarding our credit cards and read your credit card statement inserts so that you can benefit from these offers.

TIP #13 Never leave home without your Republic Bank Credit Card

Using your Republic Bank Credit Card for all your purchases can actually make you save time and money through the rewards you earn. It provides a reliable and safe payment instrument for your purchases both locally and abroad while providing superior fraud monitoring systems and security features such as our Chip and PIN technology, free insurance coverage and value-added benefits. Remember your Republic Bank Credit Card, if used wisely, can be your tool to effectively manage your finances and reap great savings everyday!

Type of credit card Annual membership fee for main applicant Annual membership fee for co-applicant Card replacement fee lost/stolen /damaged
Republic Bank International Visa Classic Credit Card US$25.75 US$13.00 US$5.75
Republic Bank International MasterCard Classic Credit Card US$25.75 US$13.00 US$5.75
Republic Bank / TSTT International Visa Classic Credit Card US$25.75 US$13.00 US$5.75
Republic Bank International Visa Gold Credit Card US$34.50 US$23.00 US$5.75
Republic Bank / AAdvantage Standard Credit Card US$50.00 US$34.00 US$28.00
Republic Bank / AAdvantage Gold Credit Card US$60.00 US$40.00 US$28.00
Republic Bank / AAdvantage Visa Infinite Credit Card US$150 No charge US$50.00
Republic Bank International Platinum MasterCard Credit Card US$75.00 US$50.00 US$30.00
Republic Bank International Visa Platinum Credit Card US$75.00 US$50.00 US$30.00
Republic Bank International Visa Signature Credit Card US$100 No charge US$30.00
Interest rate 2% per Month
Over limit Fee* 5% of the amount in excess minimum US$10.00
Past due fee US$8.00 / TT$52.00
Cash advance fee 3 % of amount advanced

*This fee does not apply to Republic Bank International Visa Signature Credit Card

No interest will be payable on any amounts debited to the credit card account if the outstanding balance is paid in full by the payment due date shown on the principal cardholder's current billing statement. Payment must be paid in full by the payment due date for two consecutive billing statements.

Other fees associated with credit cards are available upon request.

What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

Main applicant and each co-applicant on the account

Two forms of valid photo identification
Utility bill in their name (if renting, in the name of the landlord)
Recent job letter
Recent pay slip

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